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As you explore options to pay for your education, you may also want to consider if now is the right time to start your studies. How much time do you have available to study? You will need an average of 12 hours each week for each course. That’s approximately 2 hours of study each day for 6 days a week. Calculate your available time here. If you plan to take more than one course, multiply your study hours by the number of courses you plan to complete simultaneously.

You may also want to ask yourself, “Am I ready for distance education?” First, consider completing 1 AU course as a self-funded student before considering other finance options. Learn more here.

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I know how much AU courses cost.

I know what financial options are available to pay for my education.

I am interested in pursuing awards and scholarships to help fund my education.

I am thinking of taking out a loan to finance my education.

I understand that studying under full-time student loan funding changes the time requirements for completing my courses.

I would like a summary of the regulations and expectations that affect me as a funded student.

I would like information on taking out a student loan to pay for my education.

I want to request information on student loans in my province.

I would like to speak with a financial aid advisor about applying for student funding.

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