Learning support services

Learning support services are identified during the development of an accommodation plan. We assist students to find and acquire the support services they need due to the impact of a disability. These services may include the following:

Funding and learning support services

If you have received a funding award for learning support services, the funds are forwarded to you directly. Please advise Accessibility Services that you received funding. You are responsible for obtaining invoices from the provider, issue of payment, and submitting the receipts and any remaining funds back to the funding sponsor. You should familiarize yourself with the sponsor's guidelines and timelines for reconciliation of receipts to ensure your ongoing eligibility for funding.

How can I access these services?

Determine if you are eligible for accommodation and accessibility services.

Register with Accessibility Services by completing the Verification of Accommodation form.

Accessibility Services facilitates students with these services only when you are registered with our department and your need is related to the impact of a disability. If you are not registered with Accessibility Services but want to explore learning support services, contact the Athabasca University Counselling Services unit.

All students may benefit from the learning support resources available online.

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