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Nervous about upcoming exams? You don't have to be. This section will guide you through the process of preparing for, requesting, and writing your exams.

Going into your next exam with confidence starts here

Exams can be a daunting task, whether it's your first or final one. To help you get prepared for your undergraduate exam, our team has gathered all the ins and outs of the Athabasca University exam process on this site.

Our team's guidelines and advice cover everything from booking and finding invigilation locations to successfully writing your exam so you can navigate through exam season with ease!

Booking exams

Learn how to request and book your examination through our Office of the Registrar and find information about exam accommodation services available to you.

Learn about exam scheduling

Preparing for exams

Get advice and guidance from our training manual that will leave you feeling ready and confident before your upcoming exam

Dive into exam preparation

In-person invigilation

Learn more about writing your online exam with an AU-approved in-person invigilator.

In-person invigilation

Finding exam locations

Find the exam invigilation locations near you without hassle. Simply browse our established network of exam invigilation centres in Canada.

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Find invigilation locations near you

Arranging exam invigilators

Find out what invigilators are, how to request a new invigilator, and guidelines for the exam-invigilation process.

Learn more about exam invigilators

ProctorU online invigilation

AU partners with ProctorU to offer you the opportunity to write your online exams from the comfort of your home when invigilation isn’t accessible.

Learn more about ProctorU

Get in touch with us

Get answers to any specific questions regarding our learning support services by contacting our team members directly.

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