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Helping you manage your finances during your studies

Financing your studies doesn’t have to be a daunting topic. Our university offers a range of different support options, no matter what type of student you are or what you’re learning at AU. Let’s get you started with an overview of what’s involved in managing your finances step by step:

Financial aid self-help

Fill out a brief questionnaire to help us understand how to best support your financial needs.

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Financial aid FAQs

A collection of answers to some of the common financial aid questions you might have through this process.

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Understand which criteria we need to consider when determining the right financial support options for you.

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Application process

When it comes to applying for financial aid, there are specific requirements for all students, full-time students, and those who study part-time.

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Provincial funding agencies

Browse the provincial funding list to learn more about government loans from your own province or territory.

Discover provincial funding options

Managing your loan

Receiving a loan for your studies is the easy part! Learn what you need to do to successfully manage it.

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Financial resources

From our course tuition calculator to alternative funding resources, our team has compiled an extensive list of useful resources to help you stay on top of your student finances.

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Wondering if AU’s Student Award program might benefit you?

If you’re balancing academics with a family, a career, or have financial shortcomings, our award program could be the right support for you.

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Get in touch with us

Get answers to any specific questions regarding our learning support services by contacting our team members directly.

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