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Accessibility Services

We want to ensure equitable access to our learning environment for all. Learn more about our ongoing commitment to accommodate students learning with disabilities.

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Program and Course Advising

Achieve your career and educational goals with the help of our self-assessment guides. Find the answers you’re looking for and choose a program that best fits your long-term aspirations.

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Financial Aid and Awards

We offer a wide variety of financial support programs. Get familiar with available awards and bursaries, loan management resources, and more.

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Tutoring and Learning Support

Improve your study success! Learn more about working with tutors, find available resources to grow your study skills, and improve your time management.

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Exam Services Support

Go into your next exam with confidence! Understand everything about your online exam process, including how we set, distribute, invigilate, and collect your exams.

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Mental Health and Wellness

Our certified health experts are here to guide and support you. Take advantage of our programs and resources to build up your personal tools for academic excellence.

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Technical Support

Have a technical issue and need immediate assistance? Our specialized support pages are here to guide you through troubleshooting your IT problems in no time.

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Support Services contact

If you have any specific questions that are not answered in our Support Services content, feel free to reach out to our team members directly for help.

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