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Helping you keep your study progress on track.

Degree Works is a practical course advising and degree tracking tool that details all aspects of your program planning to help you stay focused on your studies. It works in collaboration with our student information system, so your academic records are synchronized and organized for you.

We are also able to identify your program requirements, chart individualized educational plans that include your completed courses and highlight those you still need to complete to finish your degree.

The tool allows you receive the academic advice you need to succeed and our advisors to help you dynamically along the way!

With the help of Degree Works, you can:

  • track progress towards degree completion
  • create detailed educational plans
  • clearly lay out individual program requirements
  • avoid choosing unnecessary courses
  • calculate GPAs based on current and future courses and grades

Degree Works is available through the myAU portal under the "Manage your program" section.

GPA calculator: Learn how to use Degree Works’ GPA calculator to see the average in remaining credits you need to graduate with your desired GPA.

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Look ahead: use this feature to explore different course selection scenarios and see what courses may fit into your program.

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Planner tab: an important feature to have your course selections approved by an advisor through Degree Works.

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The worksheet tab: learn how to use the Degree Works worksheet tab to get the overall summary of your program.

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