Technical Support

Having a technical issue that is holding you back? Our technical support knowledge and shared self-help resources will get you back on track.

Helping you overcome technical barriers, one quick-fix at a time

We understand that technical issues can sometimes create unexpected roadblocks when you’re studying online, and that can easily get frustrating if it throws off your progress. That’s why we have compiled resources and guidelines to help you solve the most common issues our students tend to encounter.

In this section, you will find helpful information from best practices for password creation, to account set up and login issues, web conferencing configuration and much more. Beyond that, our tech professionals are available to help you solve any specific problems you don’t see addressed in these pages.


The eText Initiative helps us improve our online learning environment and provides a single access point for all your course materials.

Learn more about eText

Office 365 for students

As a student at AU, you get access to a whole host of Microsoft Office features that’ll make your day-to-day study tasks a lot easier.

Learn more about Office 365


Moodle is the world's most popular learning management system, but sometimes browser compatibility can get in the way of a successful Moodle experience.

Dive into best practices for Moodle

Login help

Can't access your myAU account? Forgot your password? Happens to the best of us.

Get your account access back

T2202 issues

A T2202 is a tax form that’s used as an official tuition and enrolment certificate for eligible students in Canada. Let’s make sure you are set up to view your form smoothly.

Go through our T2202 checklist

Web conferencing

Having issues setting up or connecting to live video lectures for classes and presentations? Let us help you rejoin the conversation.

Get help with web conferencing

Remote Support

Get in touch with us

Get answers to any specific questions regarding our learning support services by contacting our team members directly.

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