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To accommodate all our learners, we offer online exam invigilation and in-person location options you can choose to write your exam at. Learn about them here!

Everything you need to know about writing Athabasca University online exams

At Athabasca University, we are committed to making every aspect of our services as accessible to our students as possible. That is why we have established a diverse selection of in-person exam location options for you to choose from. Whether you are outside of Canada, or close to an AU-approved invigilation location, there is a suitable option available for you.

If you prefer to write your exam from the comfort of your own home instead, check out our ProctorU online invigilation information to get started.

Let’s look at the in-person exam location options:

Writing at a Canadian invigilation centre near you

We have established a large network of AU-approved invigilation centres across Canada with multiple locations in each province/territory.

Find an invigilation centre near you

Writing outside of Canada

If you live outside of Canada, contact Examination Services in the Office of the Registrar to determine if there is an approved invigilator in your area.

Email with the following information:

  • name
  • student ID number
  • name of the city/town/country you reside in
  • other locations with your area

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