Getting ready to enrol

There are so many things to think about when you are preparing for university studies. We know that can sometimes feel overwhelming, so let’s walk through some of the key considerations together.

A few important steps to take before starting your studies

Congratulations for choosing to pursue post-secondary education! That’s an exciting big step and we are glad you’ve come here to let us help you get started

From realistically planning the financing of your studies, to assessing how big of a course load fits into your day-to-day life, our self-assessment tools and resources will empower you to set yourself up for success right from the start.

We invite you to explore the tools on this site or get in touch with our team to learn about the most important aspects to consider before you begin university education.

  1. 10 steps to consider first: Let us help you cut through the chaos and get a clear overview of the 10 essential things to include in your education prep work. Add these ten steps to your preparation priorities
  2. Ready for university studies? It takes a certain skill level in subjects like English, math, chemistry, and computing science to be able to thrive in your university-level education. See where your strengths and weaknesses lie in those areas
  3. Ready to select a program? Learn how to explore our program and course offerings in detail to assess which path will help you accomplish your career goals. Explore our program and course offerings
  4. Ready to pay for education? From planned course load to available financial assistance, there are many aspects that determine if you are in a good place to pay for your education at this point in your life. Let’s make sure you’ve thought of everything. Dive into our finance planning questionnaire
  5. Ready for multiple courses? A big part of your study success is making sure you choose the right time in your life and a healthy balance of learning and living. Use our online form to learn more
  6. Ready to be successful? Our most successful students have mastered a certain set of soft skills that helped them stay focused, efficient, and motivated throughout their learning journey. Start your own self-assessment now

Are you not sure where university education might take you?

Browse our career and education planning tools and advice to assess your strengths, values, and optimal career goals before selecting a program.

Use our resources to make the most of your studies:

Assess yourself Explore career options Plan your career and education Take action

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