If you feel that a grade has been improperly assigned or an academic or institutional process has not been followed, you have the right of appeal. Appeals must be made in writing using the online appeals form.

What can I appeal?

You may appeal decisions and actions including

  • grade assignment
  • evaluation and assessment of transfer credits
  • institutional policies and procedures that do not directly impact assignment of grades
  • assignment of penalties resulting from decisions made under the Student Academic Misconduct Policy

Grade appeals

Athabasca University’s grade appeals process is as follows:

  1. Contact your tutor to discuss the mark within 30 days of receiving the mark.
  2. Either you or your tutor contacts the course professor to have the examination, assignment or essay remarked. You must make this request within 30 days of the original complaint.
  3. If you are still dissatisfied with the result after remarking, submit a written appeal to the Program Director. This must be done within 1 month of receiving the second marking.

Transfer credit appeals

You are expected to be familiar with AU’s Admissions and Academic Regulations before appealing a transfer credit decision.

Non-grade-related appeals

Appeals in this category can include decisions around course extensions, course registrations, challenge for credit, and exam issues that aren’t related to grades (e.g. exam requests, invigilators). You may need to provide supporting documentation.

Academic misconduct appeals

Academic misconduct has severe penalties that can range from getting a failing grade on an assignment or course to expulsion. If you wish to appeal an academic misconduct penalty, you are expected to first be familiar with the Academic Misconduct Policy.