Accessibility services

Our goal is to make learning accessible and fair for everyone. We prioritize inclusivity by providing accessible programs, courses, and services for students with permanent and temporary disabilities.

Accommodations for accessibility

At Athabasca University, we aim to support every student, whether they have a permanent disability or temporary medical circumstances that call for academic accommodations.

By providing accommodations and ensuring properly designed accessibility, we strive to minimize any barriers you may face during your educational journey at AU, regardless of your location, field of study, or academic goals. We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment where all students can thrive.

Register for accessibility services

Determine what you need to register for accessibility support at Athabasca University. Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks to register for the first time for the service. Initiate the process early to ensure there is little delay in accessing the support you need.

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AU accessibility services

We provide a variety of accessibility services and resources to help students succeed, and we advocate for you throughout your time at AU.

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Accessibility funding

There are funding sources, including bursaries, awards, and grants, that students with disabilities may qualify for.

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Accessibility request forms

Looking for accommodation forms to get the process started? We’ve compiled them all here.

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Accessibility policies

Discover more about our dedication to accessibility at AU and how we continuously work to reduce barriers and enhance the online learning environment.

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Additional accessibility resources

We’ve compiled other valuable resources, like recorded webinars by our Accessibility Services team. These materials offer insightful information on enhancing accessibility, making it easier for all learners to thrive in our online post-secondary environment.

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