Office of the Registrar Online Appeals Form

This form is to be used for student policies under the Office of the Registrar only.

It is NOT for appeals of an academic nature (e.g. appeal of a mark assigned to an exam or assignment) or for sanctions under the Student Academic Misconduct Policy and Non-Academic Misconduct Policy. For those appeals, refer to the Appeals Process for Assignment of Grades in the Student Appeals Policy in the AU Calendar.

Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

Student Information

* First Name
* Last Name
* Student Id
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Contract Start Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY
Contract End Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY

Appeal Information

* Reason for appeal
* Is your appeal due to your own ongoing medical condition and/or disabling condition?
If you indicated that your appeal is due to an ongoing medical condition and/or disabling condition by answering "Yes" to the above question, your appeal will be directed to the Athabasca University Access to Students with Disabilities office for review. Please see for more information regarding the services this office may provide. Access to Students with Disabilities may request supporting documentation from you directly.
* Explain your appeal and the reason in the box below (250 word max)
To complete an appeal, supporting documentation is required. The documentation must either be in English, or accompanied by an official translated version.

Upload Documents

Upload your supporting documents (depending on your reason for appeal, these may include: medical document, death certificate, insurance documents, etc.) Go here to see a checklist of acceptable documents.
Note: Attached files can not be bigger than 3 MB, and the total of all attached files can not exceed 10 MB.
For all Athabasca University-Edmonton and Athabasca University-Calgary Exam/Invigilator appeals, please fax supporting documentation to 780-497-3411. For all other appeals, please fax supporting documentation to 780-675-6174. Only fax in your documentation if you are unable to upload your documents.
Submission of an appeal and documentation does not guarantee your request will be granted. All appeals are considered on a case-by-case basis. You can expect an email response to your appeal within 10 to 15 business days.
For further information on Athabasca University Policies and Procedures, please refer to the AU Undergraduate Calendar and Policy Manual. Please refer to Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeals Regulations in the Undergraduate Calendar for further details on the appeals procedure.