Academic support at AU

Individualized course support

Athabasca University courses are different from your typical classroom-based or instructor-led classes. You will receive guidance through the course in a digital or distanced learning environment. You can work on your own time with individualized support for self-paced courses.

In most cases, your tutor will be the one who will mark your assignments, quizzes, and exams and assign your final grade. Tutors and academic experts are also available to discuss course-related topics with you, provide feedback on your work, and help you prepare for exams. Never hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions, need guidance as you prepare an assignment, or have questions about a mark that you received.

Types of academic support

Regardless of your academic journey, there is support available. A tutor, academic expert, or student support centre acts as your first line of contact to help you understand concepts and get guidance on your studies. You can count on them for course support.

AU tutors

In most undergraduate courses, you will be assigned a tutor. You can contact your tutor directly during your studies to discuss anything related to your course.

You will receive a letter introducing you to your tutor by the time your course starts. The letter contains your tutor’s name, email address, phone number, and support hours. Based on your preference, you may receive the letter either via mail as a printed letter or as an e-letter through the myAU student portal. Once you have your tutor’s information, you can call them anytime during their office hours without booking an appointment.

AU academic experts

In some courses, academic experts will answer questions related to academic content. For example, the Faculty of Business provides access to academic experts through its Student Support Centre. Similarly, some courses in the Faculty of Science and Technology provide access to academic experts through the Student Success Centre. These centres will be your first point of contact. They are full of staff that can help you with your questions about course logistics, such as assignments and exams. If you need assistance with the material covered in your course, the centre will connect you with an academic expert that can help you solidify your understanding.

For courses that follow a support centre model, students will receive a printed letter or e-letter that directs them to the faculty's student support centre.

Common academic support questions

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