Master of Science in Information Systems

Prepare for key positions in the growing information technology and services sector of Alberta, Canada, and the world.

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Program details

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MScIS) is a 39-credit online graduate program; however, dependent on the student’s academic credentials and professional-level work experience, they may only need to complete as few as 30 credits. As part of the program, you must complete certain courses through Athabasca University.

Students may choose to complete the program with or without a focus area. A focus area is a subject concentration within the MSc IS program. As part of the degree, you have 10 focus areas that you can choose from:

  • bioinformatics
  • cloud computing
  • data analytics
  • environmental data analysis
  • health informatics
  • information security
  • information systems development
  • information technology management
  • intelligent systems
  • learning technology

Each focus area has a specific set of courses that need to be taken.

Most courses are completed through online grouped study. In these courses, you and your classmates will complete coursework on a fixed schedule. However, some courses are delivered in online individual study mode or online independent study mode. The final capstone component of your program can be completed through an essay, project, or thesis route, these courses are completed through independent study.

You can finish this program in as little as 2.5 years of full-time study or take up to 5 years to complete all requirements.