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Master of Science in Information Systems - thesis route

Program overview

The purpose of the thesis route is to provide students with an opportunity to engage with in-depth research in information systems (IS), develop advanced critical thinking skills, and make a significant contribution to the field. For students considering pursuing a Ph.D. or further graduate studies, completing the thesis route will provide a solid foundation. Prospective applicants who want to select the thesis route will be strongly encouraged to review the profiles of our faculty members below and contact potential supervisors before applying.

Students may elect to complete their program with 1 focus area.

For the details of guidelines, please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the handbook of MSc IS thesis route.

Credits: 30-39

Advanced standing and transfer credits

Courses: 10-13


  • COMP 601 - Survey of Computing and Information Systems
  • Between 0-3 courses from the list of foundations depending on the background in computing of the student.

Core courses


Thesis research

  • COMP 676 - Thesis I (Proposal Writing)
  • COMP 677 - Thesis II (Research Stage 1)
  • COMP 678 - Thesis III (Research Stage 2)
  • COMP 679 - Thesis IV (Research Stage 3)
  • COMP 680 - Thesis V (Thesis Writing and Defence)

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