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Master of Science in Information Systems - COMP 696 template for mini-proposal

Essay title

Student name ________________________________

Student ID # ________________________________

  1. Research goal: Use one to two sentences to describe the objective.
  2. Short abstract outlining WHAT will be done and the focus of the essay to be proposed.
  3. Rationale for the research: Use two to three sentences to explain why the research is significant. (Justification of WHY it will be done -- novelty, relevance)
  4. Timelines: Write a concise paragraph that describes your planned development. This should include details of COGNITIVE ANALYSIS, obtaining references, design and development planned, testing/experimental analysis planned etc.
  5. Anticipated results: Write a short paragraph describing the likely positive and negative outcomes of your research.
  6. Possible conclusions: Write a short paragraph describing the conclusions you could reach based upon the implementation you are proposing.
  7. Support needed List the research ethics approval if necessary, the tools you need to use, and the materials you need.
  8. List of references: (Articles, books, Internet links)

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