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Community initiatives

We collaborate with Alberta’s remote communities to promote distance and science education.

Learning Communities Project (LCP)

The LCP creates accessible learning opportunities and promotes sustainable skills to support Alberta’s rural and remote communities. Through the LCP, communities take charge of their educational and professional journeys with the support and resources of Learning Communities.

Science outreach

Science Outreach—Athabasca raises awareness and interest in science by promoting hands-on participation. People in the Athabasca region can take part in activities like:

  • science talks
  • camps
  • travelling exhibits
  • bird and butterfly counts

If you live outside the region, you can listen to our science talk recordings.

Explore the Science Outreach—Athabasca website for activities and resources for kids and teens. Specialist information about the Athabasca River Basin is also available.

Global Lecture Series

Global Lecture Series—The RAIC Centre for Architecture offers an open webinar series with a global reach. The Global Lecture Series connects participants across the world and features engaging speakers on topics such as architecture, sustainability, regenerative design, and community responsibility.

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