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Master of Science in Information Systems - COMP 697-699 template for mini-proposal

Project title

Student name ________________________________

Student ID # ________________________________

  1. Research goal: Use one to two sentences to describe the objective.
  2. Short abstract: outlining WHAT will be done and the focus of the essay to be proposed.
  3. Rationale for the research: Use two to three sentences to say why the research is significant. (Justification of WHY it will be done -- novelty, relevance)
  4. Timelines: Write a concise paragraph that describes your planned development. This should include details of making hypothesis, obtaining references, comparison planned, experimental analysis planned if needed, etc.
  5. Anticipated results: Write a short paragraph describing the likely positive and negative outcomes of your research.
  6. Possible conclusions: Write a short paragraph describing the conclusions you could reach based upon the analysis you are proposing.
  7. Hardware and software, organization support needed: List the development environment, sponsors, research ethics approval if necessary, and tools you need to use and the materials you need.
  8. List of references: (Articles, books, Internet links)

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