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Master of Science in Information Systems - Course offerings

Course offerings

Delivery modes

Online grouped study

This is a mode of learning involving online study as part of a group, with specific start and end dates. Synchronous communication requirements are generally more central to the learning process than in individualized-study courses. This delivery mode will be used primarily for courses which have elements of professional practice requiring that students work in various group configurations to complete assignments.

Online grouped study delivery has the following characteristics:

  • Students work with fellow students and instructors on a 13-week timetable.
  • Sessions start 3 times each year: September, January, or April/May.
  • Exams, where applicable, are written in the last scheduled week of classes.

Online individualized study

Online individualized-study courses begin on the first day of every month. Course registration form and fees must be received at least 1 month in advance of your intended start date.

Online individualized-study courses comprise a self-directed learning environment. Typically, learners are required to:

  • follow an outline provided in a study guide
  • schedule study time to achieve course objectives and complete assignments
  • prepare for and complete assignments on time

Online individualized-study delivery has the following characteristics:

  • Students communicate with their instructor via e-mail, and assignments are submitted via the course website.
  • Sessions start the beginning of every month.
  • Exams, where applicable, are written on or before the contract end date.
  • The course-contract period for individualized-study courses is 6 months.


SCIS graduate program students can register online (Registration Form) and submit with the course fee. If you are not currently a SCIS graduate program student you can apply to the program as either a program or non program student. You will need to apply prior registering in the courses listed above.

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