Strategic research plan

Open and online-by-design

Athabasca University is online-by-design and ambitiously open. We ask and answer complex questions, generate new knowledge that is transformative and engineered for impact, and develop pathways that minimizes barriers to accessible, engaging, and responsive research.

Strategic Research Plan Renewal

AU’s current Strategic Research Plan (SRP) set the course and metrics for research activity and outcomes for 2018-2022. This plan helped grow AU in research and positioned us for new and exciting opportunities in the next stage of our journey.

Collectively, the next SRP will communicate AU’s journey, capacity, priority, and opportunity for research and innovation as a comprehensive academic and research university (CARU) and open institution. For updates on the collaborative renewal process that is currently underway, visit the Strategic Research Plan Redesign page.

We are thrilled about AU’s vibrant research future. Stay tuned for the launch of AU’s new Strategic Research Plan, coming in 2024.


2018 - 2022

Strategic research plan

The plan attests to the capacity of our researchers, be they academics,students or staff, to generate knowledge about Transforming Lives,Transforming Communities – past, present and future, as chronicledin their research outputs – and crafts a vision for our future research endeavours.

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