IDEA to Impact

The IDEA to Impact: Knowledge Mobilization Fund helps IDEA Lab researchers transform their research into action.

Through this opportunity, AU researchers can:

  • enable digital-first knowledge mobilization
  • move IDEA Lab research into a real-world application to maximize impact
  • produce timely, engaging, and discoverable knowledge throughout the research process
  • build individual and institutional impact literacy

Engagement and mobilization efforts are supported through IDEA to Impact funding. Engagement efforts inform the production of new knowledge, and mobilization endeavours enhance the exchange and application of knowledge generated during the research phase.

Researchers may use the funding for activities such as:

  • bringing partners and knowledge users together to engage and collaborate
  • planning, executing, and assessing digital-first knowledge mobilization activities
  • creating digital-first knowledge products
  • repurposing an already developed knowledge product into a new digital format or for a different audience

IDEA to Impact funding recipients

The IDEA to Impact: Knowledge Mobilization Fund will support 5-7 projects yearly via 2 intake cycles. Read on to discover the projects supported by this funding.

Dr. Janelle Baker: Bigstone Cree Nation Educational Videos

Dr. Srijak Bhatnagar: Unearthing the Microbiology of Hydrocarbon Cycling in Global Metagenomic Datasets

Dr. Jacqueline Limoges: Developing Engagement Strategies for Genomics-informed Nursing: DESIGN IMPACT

Dr. Nathaniel Ostashewski: Community of Inquiry Tactics Card SET

Dr. Kharah Ross: Developing Training Materials to Support Implementation of REDCap at AU

Dr. Qing Tan: Implementation of a Remote-Control System for Enablement and Engagement

Dr. Angela Workman-Stark: The Sounds of Harassment

IDEA to Impact: Knowledge Mobilization Fund

Helping AU researchers transform their research into action and impact.

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