Our research institutes

Athabasca University’s research institutes focus scholarly research in a specific thematic area (research cluster). They link networks of Athabasca University researchers to provincial, national, and international researchers who are investigating similar topics. 

Athabasca River Basin Research Institute

The Athabasca River Basin Research Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre that studies the Athabasca River Basin and its people from a broad range of perspectives. The institute:

  • helps identify gaps in knowledge
  • highlights research opportunities
  • enhances understanding of key issues
  • supports the development of policies that will benefit all who have a stake in the basin

The Athabasca River Basin Research Institute also manages the Repository of the Athabasca River Basin and is home to Athabasca University's 2 Campus Alberta Innovation Program chairs.

Photo: R.G. Holmberg CC BY-NC 4.0

Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory

The observatory conducts optical and magnetic studies of the aurora borealis and has enabled us to forge research collaborations across Canada and around the world.

Learn more about the observatory

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