Ethics policies, guidelines, and permissions

If your research project involves staff or clients as participants, or uses an organization's physical or human resources, you may need to request specific access to conduct your research. The questions and answers on this page will help clarify issues around institutional permissions.

If you require these supports from Athabasca University, they will be coordinated for you after final ethics approval. You will need to provide evidence of support for access/recruitment from the affected area.


Support for research is required if you:

  • are using the physical resources of the organization (e.g., space for hosting interviews or focus groups)
  • are conducting research activities involving employees, volunteers, students, or clients during the hours of the organization's regular activities
  • need to access or use data that was previously generated for non-research purposes

Recruitment access is required if you need to access confidential lists to recruit participants within an organization (employees, volunteers, students, or clients).

Support for research recruitment is required if you need the organization to distribute your research invitation or poster via non-public means (e.g., physical bulletin boards, email, mailboxes).

Common questions

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