Stacey Leavitt

Research Grants Development Coordinator


Phone: 403-308-1438


To provide pre-award grant facilitation support, including grant prospecting and development for researchers, both within and beyond the IDEA Lab, interested in seeking external funding opportunities by:

  • assisting with development of research funding applications through one-on-one support and consultations with prospective applicants
  • providing criteria, editorial, and administrative reviews containing formative feedback aiming to enhance projects and proposals, thereby increasing the prospect of success in funding competitions
  • supporting the development of proposal budgets, including advising on expense eligibility based on both funding agency and program specific guidelines
  • liaising with granting agencies and internal administration to ensure funder program guidelines and policies are adhered to
  • organizing collaborative outreach activities/events for new and established faculty to provide information related to specific funding agencies or competitions
  • providing information and consultations on incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) into research proposals

Please contact me with any questions regarding external research funding opportunities, or to inquire about available facilitation services.

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