Exams are different from the quizzes or tests that might be part of your course work. Exams must be written in a supervised environment, with an approved exam invigilator (supervisor). As there are no pre-set dates for exams, you must schedule an exam to write it.

If you have a disability, you may qualify for exam accommodations. Please contact our Accessibility Services office for assistance.

You must complete any exams before the end of your course contract, with the exception of late exam requests.

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Requesting exams

Before you request your exam, you should talk to your tutor or student support centre to make sure you’re prepared. Once you’re ready, contact your invigilator to set a date and time to write and to discuss possible fees.

Unless you're planning to write your exam at an AU location, you must book a date and time with your invigilator before you request your exam. You can request your exam through myAU, in the Student Record section.

Please remember the necessary lead time when you make your request. There is a fee for late exam requests if you submit yours after the deadline.

Remember that times close to the end of the month are in higher demand, and exams are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you're writing in a new location or for the first time, choose your invigilator at least 60 days before you intend to write your first exam. This will ensure you meet the deadline for requesting a new invigilator, if one is required.

Exam deadlines

All exam deadlines are based on your course contract end date, which can be viewed in myAU by selecting ‘Check your course status’ in the Manage Your Courses section.

Request deadlines

You can request your exam date anytime, but to avoid a late exam request fee, you must request before the following deadlines:

  • outside of Canada and the U.S. – 30 days before scheduled write date
  • inside Canada and the U.S. – 20 days before scheduled write date
  • to write at an AU location10 days before scheduled write date
    (If you would like to write your exam the last week of the month, it is recommended you book a month in advance as timeslots close to the end of the month are in higher demand.)

Completion deadlines

You can write your exam at any time within your course contract period. If you submit a late exam request, it must be received before your contract end date. You must schedule a write date that is within 30 days after the course contract end date.

Regardless of when you write your exam, all coursework (such as assignments, quizzes or papers) must be completed by the course contract end date.

For more information visit the Undergraduate Calendar.

Writing exams

Your course materials will have information about your exam, including

  • the maximum amount of time that you have to complete the exam
  • if you can bring specific items (like a calculator) into the exam room
  • the format of the exam (multiple choice, short answer, long answer, etc.)

This information will also be provided to your invigilator, along with specific procedures for the exam.

You must show your invigilator government-issued photo ID (i.e. passport, driver’s licence) or an AU student ID card to write your exam.

Please arrive a few minutes early for your exam to allow time for check-in, etc. Exams start at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm or 5:00 pm. In consideration of students who have arrived on time and started writing, we cannot accommodate late arrivals.

Online exams

Many of our courses now have online exams. Online exams still require invigilation, and you will need to schedule them the same way you would a paper-based exam.

There are 2 ways to write an online exam.

  1. On-site with an approved invigilator from our invigilation network. Be sure your location is able to accommodate online exams. You cannot use your personal laptop for on-site online exams.
  2. At home or work with a virtual invigilator. AU is working with ProctorU that provides invigilation through a webcam and a high-speed Internet connection. You can use your personal laptop with virtual invigilation, as long as it meets the minimum technical requirements. There is an invigilation fee to use this service.

Check the Evaluation section of your course syllabus to find out if your course has an online exam.

Supplemental exams

If you’re not happy with your exam grade, you can attempt a supplemental exam (exam rewrite). The higher mark will be used in calculating your final course grade. You request a supplemental exam using the regular exam request process, but you will have to pay the supplemental exam fee.

Note: If you are a visiting student, you should check with your school to make sure your course will still transfer if you write a supplemental exam.

Rescheduling exams

If you can’t write your exam on the requested date, you may reschedule your exam up to 10 business days after your original write date, as long as the invigilator can supervise at that time.

To reschedule your exam, contact the location where you are writing. If you are writing at an AU location, contact Exam Services at 1-800-788-9041 to reschedule.


If you are writing at an AU location, there is a non-refundable exam rebooking fee.

If you need to reschedule your exam to a write date more than 10 business days later, your original exam will be returned to AU unwritten. You will need to submit a new exam request, and pay a multiple exam fee.

Invigilation network

AU has established a Canada-wide examination invigilation network to help students write their exams. If you live within 100 km of an approved AU examination centre, you must write your exam at one of the centres.

If you live outside of Canada, contact examunit@athabascau.ca for help finding an invigilator in your area.

Find an Invigilator

I can’t find an invigilator in my area

If you can’t find an exam invigilator within 100 km of your residence, you can ask to have an invigilator established. You must do this at least 60 days before the date you plan to write your exam. Proposed invigilators must meet the invigilator guidelines.


To ensure the health and safety of our learners and team members, AU’s exam centres in Athabasca, Calgary, and Edmonton remain closed until further notice. If you are writing in another location, you should know that most invigilators charge a fee for their services. These fees are your responsibility.