Women's and Gender Studies (WGST) 499

Final Project (Revision 2)

WGST 499

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WGST 499 replaces WMST 499

Delivery Mode: Individualized study online

Credits: 3

Area of Study: Social Science

Prerequisite: Professor approval required. WGST 499 should be taken as the final course in the University Certificate in Counselling Women.

Precluded Course: WMST 499. (WGST 499 cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been obtained for WMST 499.)

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences,
Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies

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Women’s and Gender Studies 499 is the last core course in the University Certificate in Counselling Women program. It has been designed to allow you to thoroughly investigate a topic related to the issues raised in the program and to help you integrate the knowledge and skills you have gained throughout your course of study.


The final project assignment for this course will revolve around a specific topic that you will select. This topic will form the basis of a major written research paper and oral presentation.

The topic you select should conform to the following criteria:

  • the topic is one that is relevant to you and/or to the work you are currently involved in (if your work pertains to feminist counselling, advocacy, or activism); and
  • the topic is informed by your prior studies in the University Certificate in Counselling Women (UCCW) program and is relevant to the overall aims of the program.

There are four (4) components to this final project assignment and they must be completed in the order given below. Try to allow sufficient time between assignment submissions so that you are able to obtain and incorporate the feedback you receive from your course tutor in subsequent submissions. The weightings for each activity are as follows:

Assignment Component Credit Weight
Topic Selection—includes Personal Reflection and Informal Interview with your Tutor 10%
Research Paper Proposal with Annotated Bibliography 30%
Major Research Paper 50%
Oral Presentation (PowerPoint presentation) 10%
Total 100%

To achieve a passing grade and receive credit for WGST 499, you must complete and submit all four assignment components and achieve an overall weighted grade of a D (50 percent) or higher.

To learn more about assignments and examinations, please refer to Athabasca University's online Calendar.

Course Materials


All the information and resources you will need to complete WGST 499 are provided online and in the online resources links given on the course homepage. There are no other materials.

Athabasca University reserves the right to amend course outlines occasionally and without notice. Courses offered by other delivery methods may vary from their individualized-study counterparts.

Opened in Revision 2, August 26, 2014.

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