Industrial Relations (IDRL) 499

Doing Research in Organizations (Revision 2)


Temporarily closed, effective June 30, 2016.

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Delivery Mode: Individualized study online

Credits: 3

Area of Study: Applied Studies (Business and Administrative Studies). IDRL 499 can also be used to fulfill the Social Science area of study (credential students only).

Prerequisite: Permission of the course professor.

Faculty: Faculty of Business

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IDRL 499 is not available for Challenge.


IDRL 499: Doing Research in Organizations is an open-ended study course intended for students who have already acquired a background in industrial relations studies at the university level. This course provides an opportunity to engage in a concentrated research project in which you will identify, read, and analyze articles, books, and other resource materials that relate to specific topics, all under the guidance of an industrial relations specialist at Athabasca University.


To receive credit for IDRL 499, you must complete the assignments successfully and achieve a composite course grade of at least a D (50 percent). The weighting of the composite course grade is as follows:

Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Total
10% 20% 70% 100%

To learn more about assignments and examinations, please refer to Athabasca University's online Calendar.

Course Materials

There are no formal course materials for this course. You, the student, are responsible for negotiating with an appropriate faculty member, a program of study valued at three credits.

Course materials are your (the student's) responsibility, though you have full access to the University Library.

Athabasca University reserves the right to amend course outlines occasionally and without notice. Courses offered by other delivery methods may vary from their individualized-study counterparts.

Opened in Revision 2, April 23, 2009.

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