Making Sense of Organizational Change (EOCH) 664

Making Sense of Organizational Change

EOCH 664

Delivery Mode: Paced Online

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: None

Faculty: Faculty of Business

Program: Master of Business Administration

Manager: Teresa Rose, PhD

Course Overview

In this course, we endeavour to 'make sense of organizational change.' Organizational change occurs continuously, although not necessarily in guided form. Additional changes are implemented in response to competitive environmental pressures and are intended to positively affect an organization's technology, product, service, strategy, structure, people, and/or culture. Finally, change is a dominant, underlying concern, fundamental to all organizations.

The major organizational change challenge is to come to an understanding of change in order to respond, harness, and further create and successfully manage through it. In this course we use experiential learning and apply change ideas and concepts in a very practical sense. Learning about change is deepest when individuals are also applying concepts and ideas in contextual, real world terms. Through the use of simulations and active teaming, we hope to transmit the excitement, complexity, and power of the organizational change experience into your virtual learning environment.

Course Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of why organizations change.
  • Think critically regarding:
    • key decisions that need to be made in the planning phase of change, e.g., change model, level of change and
    • how organizations work through the process of change, e.g., via communication and addressing resistance to change.
  • Discuss practical examples of situations encountered in organizational change.
  • Apply course concepts and develop organizational change skills:
    • As individuals related to case studies and
    • As part of a team in a simulated, multimedia environment.

Course Materials

Required readings for this course include articles from academic journals and pertinent book excerpts.

Course Outline

Week Topic
1 Introduction to Change + Teams
2 Levels of Change
3 Change Models
4 Change Leaders; Change Managers
5 The Human Side of Change
6 Organizational Power and Politics Related to Change
7 Change Communication + Sustaining Change in Organizations
8 Organizational Culture Change

Course Evaluation

Marks for this course will be distributed as follows:

Activity Weighting
Assignment 1: Team Charter 10%
Assignment 2: Team Assessment of the Simulated Change 20%
Final Individual Assignment 30%
Participation in Team Discussion and Symposia applications 40%

Learners will participate in an online simulation where they will apply their knowledge to a real-world problem and actively participate in decision making during organizational change.

To receive a passing grade in this course, you must meet these minimum standards:

  • receive a minimum of 60% on the participation component (i.e., the Symposia and Teamwork Discussion applications); and
  • receive an average grade of 60% over all course components (participation component, Team Assignment 1 and 2, and the Final Individual Assignment).

Athabasca University reserves the right to amend course outlines occasionally and without notice. Courses offered by other delivery methods may vary from their individualized-study counterparts.