Education (EDUC) 411

Directed Study in Canadian Education (Revision 1)

EDUC 404 course cover

Delivery Mode: Individualized study online

Credits: 3

Area of Study: Reading Course - Social Science

Prerequisite: Professor approval

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Welcome to Education 411: A Directed Study in Canadian Education. This course is an opportunity for senior-level students with a concentration in educational studies to undertake an independent research project under the supervision of the course professor or a selected tutor. Evaluation will take into consideration the quality of research and content, as well as presentation and thesis.

Course Objectives

As a senior reading course, EDUC 411 provides an advanced introduction to the research and critical evaluation of a selected topic in consultation with the course professor or tutor.

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • identify and evaluate both primary and secondary sources germane to your topic
  • apply a critical perspective to a range of Canadian educational issues
  • prepare an accomplished research essay proposal
  • conduct library research and develop a competent senior level educational research essay.


To receive credit for EDUC 411, a research proposal and research essay must be completed. Your completed research essay is worth 100 percent of the grade. You must achieve a minimum grade of D (50 percent) on the project in its entirety and a course grade of at least D (50 percent).

Course Materials

The course materials include a student manual/study guide.

Athabasca University reserves the right to amend course outlines occasionally and without notice. Courses offered by other delivery methods may vary from their individualized-study counterparts.

Opened in Revision 1, August 19, 2009.