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At Athabasca University, we are committed to creating and providing courses and learning environments that are relevant, respectful and meaningful to Indigenous heritage and to preserving First Nation, Métis and Inuit traditions.


Nukskahtowin, Athabasca University's Indigenous centre, is an inclusive space named for the Cree word for "meeting place."

The centre is a hub where ideas and people come together, fostering collaboration among diverse minds around Indigenous knowledge and culture, research initiatives, and academic offerings.

Nukskahtowin's main goals are to honour and cultivate traditional Indigenous knowledge and support, safeguard and preserve Indigenous knowledge, education, and the invaluable oral traditions passed down through generations.

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Awards, bursaries and scholarships for Indigenous students

Indigenous students have many opportunities for financial help and recognition for their academic achievements and cultural contributions.

In addition to the many awards, bursaries, and scholarships from organizations around North America, we’re proud to offer 11 financial awards specific to Athabasca University.

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Indigenous studies courses

Undergraduate courses that include one chapter of Indigenous content

Governance (GOVN) 400 Governance and Leadership

Unit 11 Indigenous Perspective and Impact

View GOVN 400 Syllabus

Political Science (POLI) 400 – Governance and Leadership

Unit 11 Indigenous Perspective and Impact

View POLI 400 Syllabus

Human Services (HSRV) 400 - Governance and Leadership

Unit 11 Indigenous Perspective and Impact

View HSRV 400 Syllabus

Political Science (POLI) 309 -Canadian Government and Politics

Unit 5: Aboriginal Peoples

View POLI 309 Syllabus

Environmental Studies (ENVS) 305 - Environmental Impact Assessment

Unit 6: Indigenous Issues and Environmental Assessment in Canada

View ENVS 305 Syllabus

Environmental Studies (ENVS) 435 - Transformative Change in Building Sustainable Communities

Unit 4: Ecological Knowledge and Traditional Ways of Knowing

View ENVS 435 Syllabus

Labour Studies (LBST) 415 - Sex Work and Sex Workers

Unit 5 is about Indigenous Experiences of Sex Work

View LBST 415 Syllabus

Sociology (SOCI) 380 - Canadian Ethnic Relations

Unit 7: Canada’s First Nations: The Special Problems of Aboriginal Minorities

View SOCI 380 Syllabus

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If you’d like more details about the assistance available for Indigenous students at AU, feel free to get in touch.

Phone: 1-800-788-9041 ext. 5054

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