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Athabasca University students gain hands-on learning experiences in Lesotho

Nine students from Canadian research university are working in Lesotho thanks to collaboration with rise International

Morija, Lesotho (Nov. 9, 2023)—Nine students from Athabasca University (AU) are working in Lesotho on a variety of projects in collaboration with Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise (rise) International.

The group includes students of AU’s Architecture, Heritage Resources Management, and Computing and Information Systems programs. The interdisciplinary group of learners is in Lesotho from Nov. 4 to 16, on a trip funded by the Global Skills Opportunity program of Universities Canada.

“Athabasca University wishes to express its appreciation to the people and land of Lesotho for welcoming us as we embark on a remarkable journey through a multi-disciplinary partnership with the non-profit rise,” said Veronica Madonna, project director.

This partnership is immersing students in new cultural contexts, fostering innovation and essential cross-cultural skills, while enhancing leadership abilities and creating an international support network grounded in local Indigenous values and community-based practices. 

Partnership creates valuable educational experiences

While in Lesotho, students are visiting the communities of Morija, Thaba Bosiu, Ramabanta, Semonkong, Roma, and Maseru to learn about the Mountain Kingdom’s heritage, architecture, and technical opportunities.

The students are working with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology as well as rise’s in loco fellows and pioneers learning how to facilitate a participatory design workshop. They will also participate in a design and build workshop using Indigenous materials such as earthen bricks.

Additionally, the Heritage and Computer Science students are collaborating with students from Botho University, the National University of Lesotho as well as the Morija Museum and Archives, the Seriti Sa Makhoarane Heritage and Tourism Project, The Hub, and the Morija Arts Centre.

Lastly, the students are interacting with Basotho artists, musicians, dancers, participating in a drumming circle as well as visiting some of Lesotho’s successful social enterprises, including Pheha Plastic, Noma Pads, Kick4Life, and Alliance Française.

“We are thrilled to begin this partnership and look forward to the valuable educational experiences and enduring relationships it will foster,” said Madonna.

This visit is part of a two-year program funded by Global Skill Opportunity, which will also includes another group of up to 15 students travelling to Lesotho in 2024.

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About rise

Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise (rise) is a registered non-profit social enterprise established in 2016 led by Founder and Executive Director Daniela Gusman. rise provides local entrepreneurs with resources, knowledge, and the professional community needed to be successful and transformational in their communities. rise links aspiring social entrepreneurs in vulnerable, low-income sub-Saharan African countries to essential resources they would otherwise not have access to. Please visit:

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