Bachelor of Science in Architecture

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  • Credential: degree
  • Credits: 120
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Welcome to Athabasca University's pioneering online Bachelor of Science in Architecture program, created in collaboration with Architecture Canada and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC). Offering two personalized educational routes and the flexibility to complete your studies at your own pace, this program is your gateway to a fulfilling career in architecture and beyond.

  • 32

    Average age

  • 91%

    Employment rate

  • $75k

    Median income

  • 94%

    Student satisfaction

Source: 2023 AU institutional data and 2022 Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

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About Bachelor of Science in Architecture

In the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program, you'll dive deep into six core areas of study: technical skills, architectural history, theory, communications, professional practice, and hands-on design studios. Our curriculum is designed with a strong focus on environmental and community sustainability, equipping you to be a responsible architect of tomorrow. Whether you're eyeing advanced degrees or stepping directly into the world of urban and construction planning, you'll leave the program with a well-rounded skill set and a robust understanding of the built environment.

Admission requirements

There are no formal admission requirements to take this program for general interest. All you need is to be 16 or older. You can enrol anytime and start right away, regardless of your previous education.

RAIC Syllabus route

If you choose to pursue the Architecture Canada, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Syllabus Diploma, there are minimum entry requirements that must be met.

Program details


Take part in Canada's first online architecture program. Athabasca University and Architecture Canada, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) have formed a partnership to offer the program, which provides 2 routes to your education in architecture.

  • The traditional route of completing pre-professional training (the Bachelor of Science in Architecture), followed by a masters of architecture (from another university), and internship.
  • The RAIC Syllabus program, which is a work/study program that ensures you qualify for certification of your education upon completion.

AU's Bachelor of Science in Architecture has a strong focus on environmental and community sustainability. The program includes 6 areas of study:

  • technical
  • history
  • theory
  • communications
  • professional practice
  • design studios

Why take the Bachelor of Science in Architecture?

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture is a pre-professional program. It will prepare you for AU's Graduate Diploma in Architecture or a master's program in architecture at other institutions.

Routes and options

There are 2 ways to complete this degree - as a general interest student, or as a RAIC Syllabus student. Use the table below to decide which might be right for you.

Which path is right for you
Category General interest/traditional training RAIC Syllabus
Credential Results in a BSc Arch, with an option for further education. Must complete additional education and an internship and exams to be eligible for licensing as an architect Results in the RAIC Syllabus Professional Diploma in Architecture. May also receive the BSc Arch and the Graduate Diploma in Architecture (GDA). Eligible to apply for certification of education by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board. May need to complete additional internship and exams to be eligible for licensing as an architect
Time commitment Work at your own pace - complete the courses as quickly as you want or as slowly as you need. Program may take 8-12 years to complete (including required work experience).
Work experience No work experience required to get your degree. Must complete 9,800 hours of work experience under the supervision of a licensed Canadian architect.
Studio component Virtual design studios. (Two intakes a year) Face-to-face design studios (based on location). Two intakes per year)
Application process No application deadline, no additional application requirements. Two intakes a year. Application requirements include letters of reference and an essay.
Registration Enrol as an AU student and take courses (except for virtual studio) right away. Register with RAIC before you register at AU.
Transfer academic credit Post-diploma route grants a minimum of 30 credits toward the degree. Submit transcripts and supporting material to AU. May apply for Entry Credit Assessment. Submit transcripts and supporting material to RAIC.
Fees See tuition and fees, below. RAIC Syllabus fees.

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture is a 4-year online degree program. If you already have a post-secondary diploma in architecture or architectural technology, you can take the shorter post-diploma route. There are no set start dates for AU courses - you can enrol at any time and register for courses right away (except for the virtual studios which are offered twice a year).

Please note that if you choose the RAIC Syllabus route, there are application deadlines.

Post-diploma route

You must have an approved diploma or related credentials in architecture (such as a diploma in architectural technology) to apply for the post-diploma route. This may grant you a minimum of 30 credits toward the degree.

You may receive additional credits pending review of course content completed through your diploma program.

Please note: If your previous diploma is more than 5 years old, you can't take the post-diploma route. However, if you are working in architecture and can provide evidence of current experience this restriction will be waived.

Completion times

General interest route

Finish this program in as little as 3 years (post-diploma route) or 4 years (degree route) of full-time study. Or work at your own pace and take as long as you need. There is no time limit for completion.

RAIC Syllabus route

As the RAIC Syllabus is an extensive work/study program, some students may take 10 years or more to complete all program requirements.

How to apply

You can apply to AU online, anytime. Once you’ve completed the online application form and paid the one-time general application fee (and transfer credit evaluation fee, if applicable), you’re officially an AU student and can start registering in courses.

How to enrol in an undergraduate program

RAIC Syllabus route

If you are applying to the RAIC Syllabus program, you should apply through RAIC first. Then you should review AU's application process for RAIC Syllabus students. There are application deadlines for the syllabus program.

Transfer and advanced credit

If you don't qualify for the post-diploma route, you may be eligible for credit for courses at other institutions. However, you must complete a minimum of 30 credits at AU. More about transfer and advanced credit at AU

You will not receive transfer credit for science courses that were completed more than 10 years ago. Computer science courses (COMP and CMIS) older than 5 years will be stale-dated if you are not currently working in the field of architecture.

If you would like to transfer credit for previous RAIC Syllabus course work, you can check the AU course equivalents.

Request and send your transcripts if you want us to consider your previous post-secondary education for transfer credit.

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