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Maclean’s and Vox Pop Labs launch DegreeWorks

Athabasca University proud to sponsor new resource that helps students search for optimal undergraduate program

(TORONTO, ON) September 21, 2022 – Today, Maclean’s is proud to announce the launch of DegreeHub in partnership with Vox Pop Labs and launch sponsor Athabasca University. DegreeHub is an essential complementary resource for students searching for their optimal undergraduate program and builds on Maclean’s more than 30-year history publishing the much-anticipated annual university rankings.

“DegreeHub is a natural next step for the Maclean’s education offering, and we couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity than to partner with Vox Pop Labs on this launch,” says Duncan Clark, Senior Vice President, Product Innovation, at SJC Media. “We believe that every Canadian deserves a great education. DegreeHub provides aspiring undergraduates with a truly personalized experience, and is ideally suited to complement our industry-leading university rankings and profiles.”

The DegreeHub model was developed using a vast database of surveys of recent university graduates and includes information on every known undergraduate degree offering in Canada. It works by learning about the student and asking questions about their interests and goals in order to develop an understanding of what motivates them. Interested students go through a 10-to-15-minute survey to build a profile and answer a series of questions about their personality, interests and aptitudes.

“Advances in artificial intelligence make it possible for us to offer each prospective university student a personalized analysis of their individual fit with nearly every undergraduate degree offering in Canada.

DegreeHub uses tens of thousands of surveys of recent university graduates to build a model that predicts each user’s individual level of satisfaction with the various degree options available to them,” says Dr. Clifton van der Linden, Founder and CEO, Vox Pop Labs.

DegreeHub was developed with a dataset provided by MyBlueprint, a leading educational services company that works with school boards across the country. Students are provided with a personalized list of specific university programs for which their profile indicates they would be a good fit. Users are then assigned a percentage match score with each program and presented with information on the various universities that offer said program. Users can navigate their results and select the options they prefer. Students can privately save their results or share them with friends.

Best of all, this essential resource is completely free for all users. DegreeHub is launching with the support of Athabasca University, its launch sponsor, and has advertising and sponsorship opportunities available throughout the site.

DegreeHub is delighted to expand decision intelligence to the post-secondary education space, where it hopes to provide prospective university students with a helpful way to navigate the myriad options available. As the resource develops further, brands will have additional marketing and promotional opportunities to target visitors to DegreeHub, and to specific program categories and geographic locations. For more information, please visit

For interview requests with Dr. Clifton van der Linden, Founder and CEO, Vox Pop Labs, or Duncan Clark, Senior Vice President, Product Innovation, at SJC Media, please contact: Jessika J. Fink Marketing Director, SJC Media

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