Master of Education in Distance Education (MDDE) 610

Survey of Current Educational Technology Applications

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Formerly "Introduction to Current Distance Education Technologies"

Delivery Mode: Online course using Moodle

Credits: 3 - Elective

Prerequisite: MDDE 601, MDDE 602 for MEd program students only

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This course will give you hands-on experience with, and allow you to make a critical evaluation of a number of computer-based technologies currently used in distance education. This course "walks the talk", and as you progress through the course, of different technologies will be used to present material, to notify you of upcoming course-related activities, and to allow you to communicate with your classmates and the instructor various ways.

Course Goals

The goals of the course are as follows:

  • To gain hands-on experience with, and undertake a critical evaluation of, a variety of educational technologies.
  • To apply media attribute schema and Bates ACTIONS/SECTIONS criteria to various media.
  • To apply adoption theories to a particular technology that could be used in your own local teaching/learning context.

Course Outline

The following technologies are examined in the course:

  • Electronic portfolios
  • Asynchronous tools
  • Synchronous tools
  • Social software educational tools
  • Computer-based education
  • Web 2.0 applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud computing, virtualization, and green computing

Learning Resources

Online Study Guide and Readings

Student Assessment

Students will be assessed on the basis of six assignments and their participation in the course.

Activity Credit Weight
Electronic Portfolio: Prepare an electronic portfolio that demonstrates your facility with each of the technologies covered in this course. 15%
Assignment 1: Identify a course that would benefit from the inclusion of one or more distance education technologies. Write a short paper that describes the course you propose to change and the program in which this course is offered. 15%
Assignment 2: Conduct a SECTIONS analysis that examines how each of the technologies covered in the course might be used in the course you propose to modify. 15%
Assignment 3: Learn a new skill using a computer-assisted instruction (CAI) program. Develop a section of your electronic portfolio that demonstrates what you learned, and provides an evaluation of the specific CAI program you used, and CAI in general. 15%
Assignment 4: Write a short proposal to modify the course you identified in Assignment 1 so that it includes one or more of the technologies covered in this course. 15%
Group Project: In small groups, students will select a technology and prepare a short demonstration of that technology for the rest of the class. 15%
Course Participation: Students are expected to participate in the blogs, discussion forums, and web conferences. 10%
Total 100%

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