Transcripts & Grades

Keep an eye on your academic progress by checking your grades in myAU. You can check both in-progress and final grades, but the final grade won’t appear on your transcript until it becomes official. This can take some time.

Checking grades

You can access your grades through the Manage Your Courses section of myAU. Once an assignment or an exam has been marked, it will appear in your in-progress grades. You can also view your unofficial final grades.

The time frame for an official grade to be posted in your student record (and appear on your transcripts) can vary during peak times and depends on factors such as whether you choose to write a supplemental exam.

You should plan to complete all of your course requirements at least 4-6 weeks before you need the final grade.


Your entire academic record will appear on your transcript, including

  • program
  • transfer credits
  • course registrations
  • course withdrawals
  • final grades

Please note that your grades may show in myAU before they appear on your transcript.

Requesting your transcript

You can request a transcript through the Manage Your Student Record section of myAU. Please do not request your transcript if you are still waiting for a grade to be finalized.

There is no charge for a transcript sent by Canada Post. You may choose to pay an extra fee to have your transcript sent by courier or fax.

Online transcript request FAQ