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How do I know if I have the prerequisite for a course?

Prerequisites ensure you have the required background to successfully complete a given course. You must successfully meet all course prerequisites before registering. Check the course syllabus for information on prerequisites and other requirements.

If you feel that you have completed the prerequisite at another institution, use the Prerequisite Waiver Declaration Form found on the back of the print version of the Undergraduate Course Registration Form or at the bottom of Athabasca University's online Undergraduate Course Registration page. Fill out and submit the form along with your registration.

Some courses require professor approval and other course-related prerequisites. Failure to obtain professor approval will result in the delay or refusal of your registration.

To obtain professor approval or to speak with a professor, contact the Information Centre at 1-800-788-9041.

If you feel a prerequisite should be waived for a valid reason such as your work experience, contact the course professor prior to registration. If granted, the professor will provide permission to Athabasca University's Enrolment Services Unit in the Office of the Registrar.