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Course Registration

The course registration deadline for undergraduate, individualized study courses is the 10th of the previous month for the requested start date. For example, for a course that starts on June 1, your registration must be successfully processed by May 10.

Generally, undergraduate, individualized study courses start on the first day of every month. To get into the courses you want that start when you want, we recommend that you register as early as possible; you can register for a course up to five months in advance.

Before you register, visit the Course Availability page of our website to make sure that your course is open and available for registration (some courses may have restrictions).

Undergraduate Program Applications

Applications for undergraduate programs are accepted year-round, and there are no application deadlines.

See more: Admissions

Graduate Program Applications

Graduate programs do have application deadlines. Deadlines for each program can be found in the Academic Schedule listing for that program in the graduate calendar.