Transfer and Advanced Credit

At Athabasca University, your previous education and experience count. Recognition of prior learning could mean taking fewer courses to get your degree, saving you time and money.

Want to take your AU education to another school? Credit for our courses usually transfers to institutions across Canada.

Get advanced credit for your AU program

You must be enrolled in an AU program before your transfer or advanced credit can be evaluated. However, you can start the process by requesting an evaluation right when you apply.

Credit for previous education

We have lots of options to help you get credit for your previous post-secondary experience, including individual course assessment, block transfer, post-diploma, or second degrees. 

Credit for what you already know (PLAR)

You can also get credit for knowledge you already possess, through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). 

Challenge for credit

Do you have enough knowledge about a subject that a course may be repetitive for you? You can also get credit for a specific course with our Challenge for Credit option.

Get credit for AU courses at another school

Our monthly undergraduate course starts and flexibility make it easy to take some courses to fit into a program at another institution. You'll need to become an AU non-program (visiting) student to get started.

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