Nursing (NURS) 696

Independent Study II


Delivery Mode: Paced/home-study online

Credits: 3 each

Area of Study: Applied Studies

Centre: Centre for Nursing and Health Studies


Program students may submit a request to include one or two 3-credit independent study course(s) as part of their Master of Health Studies (MHS) or Master of Nursing (MN) program.

Options and Process

Choose one of the two options:

  1. Thesis Development: For thesis students, in consultation with your thesis supervisor, you will develop a proposal (2-3 pages) related to your thesis topic and/or methodology and submit it to the NURS 695/696 Course Leader for approval.
  2. Research Experience: Non-thesis and thesis students can refer to the Faculty Members page at to review opportunities for research engagement with a particular faculty member. The student then approaches the faculty member (by email or phone) to discuss the student's involvement. If the faculty member is interested in supervising the student, they will then jointly develop a proposal (2-3 pages) outlining research activities and deliverables that will constitute a research-related independent study. The Student then submits this proposal to the NURS 695/696 Course Leader for approval.

Please attach a cover page to your proposal that includes your name, email address, course number (e.g., MHST/NURS 695 or 696), title of the proposed course, and a list of courses taken previously in the MHS/MN program (you must have completed a minimum of two MHS/MN courses before you may apply for an independent study course). Approval will be contingent on the acceptability of the proposal and the availability of an appropriate supervisor. Proposals that do not contain all of the above (learning objectives, proposed assignments, etc.) will not be considered.

Upon approval, you may complete up to two independent study courses (6 credits) as part of your CNHS graduate program.

Please submit your proposal to the MHS_MN_Independent Study_Course leader at the following email:

Course Goals

An independent study course is intended to foster initiative in students by supporting them to¬†address their own learning needsrelated to their thesis research or research in general. An independent study course extends a student’s learning beyond the available prescribed and elective courses.

An independent study course is not meant to act as a place to conduct original research which requires data collection. Any proposed course that requires ethics approval will not be considered for independent study.

Course Materials

There are no required textbooks for MHST/NURS 695-696. It is expected that students will consult reference materials—including textbooks, journals, and Internet resources—for information directly related to their learning proposal.

Course Structure

MHST/NURS 695-696 are asynchronous, paced online courses. You should complete the course work within the semester time frame in which you enrolled. A Moodle workspace will be created where you and your supervisor will communicate. At the beginning of the semester in which you enrolled, you will take the initiative to connect with the faculty supervisor to begin your coursework.

Course Outline

You will develop a schedule/outline for completion of the course within the timeframe of the session, and in consultation with your thesis or course supervisor.

Assessment Structure

As part of the initial proposal, you will outline a proposed assessment structure. The assessment structure for each independent study course will be finalized in consultation with the course or thesis supervisor once you have started the course.

Independent study courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Athabasca University reserves the right to amend course outlines occasionally and without notice. Courses offered by other delivery methods may vary from their individualized-study counterparts.