Master of Education in Distance Education (MDDE) 694

Capstone ePortfolio Project

Course cover

Delivery Mode: Group Study

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: Completion of all required core and elective courses

Availability: All terms

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The Centre for Distance Education promotes the development and use of ePortfolios throughout the Master of Education (Distance Education) program. This three credit course is the final core requirement of the course-based route. Building an ePortfolio provides a means to foster reflective practice and to document the unique “learning journey” of students as they progress through the program. Students in the course-based route of the MEd are required to create and present a capstone ePortfolio as the culminating activity in the program. In MDDE 694: Capstone ePortfolio Project, students receive direction and support in the creation and presentation of their final product of the program.

ePortfolios are important tools for learning and assessment. The capstone ePortfolio provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their acquisition of the core competencies of the program in an integrated and comprehensive manner, critically exploring their growth as learners and as professionals. Development of the ePortfolio involves synthesizing and critically self-reflecting upon the learning students have experienced, and providing artefacts (e.g., assignments, projects, audio/video productions, blogs, conference postings, workplace interactions), which demonstrate their knowledge, skills and competencies as graduates of the MEd (DE) program.

Students in the course-based route will register in MDDE 694 as the final requirement of the program. However, students who decide to pursue the course-based route may find it beneficial to get started on the ePortfolio as early as possible in the program. In that way, the ePortfolio can be developed throughout the learning journey with samples of course work and critical self-reflections developed on a course-by-course basis.

Course Outline

The capstone ePortfolio that students will develop and present in MDDE 694 is based on a set of competencies derived from the learning outcomes of the MEd (DE) program. During the program, students will accumulate artefacts (e.g., assignments, group projects, work-related reports, video presentations, etc.) that reflect their learning during the program.

Students will select five artefacts that best represent their learning in the program across the six competency areas, and create a reflection for each of these artefacts. An Introduction and a Conclusion are also required. Active collaboration with and responding to feedback from the instructor and other students is expected.

Learning Resources

Students will develop their ePortfolio using Mahara or an equivalent ePortfolio creation platform.

Student Assessment

MDDE 694: Capstone ePortfolio Project consists of three assignments. All are graded on a pass/revise and resubmit basis. Students will be required to revise assignments as necessary in order to achieve a pass grade.

Activity Weighting
Assignment 1: Submission of Introduction and reflection on first artefact. Students create the introduction page to their capstone ePortfolio and the reflection on the first artefact. These are developed using ePortfolio software (usually Mahara) or an equivalent ePortfolio creation platform. pass/revise and resubmit basis
Assignment 2: Submission of entire ePortfolio. Students complete their entire capstone ePortfolio on the basis of feedback received on Assignment 1, including an Introduction, Reflections on five artefacts, and a Conclusion. As part of this process, students are required to post the link to their ePortfolio, soliciting feedback from other students and also to review and provide thoughtful and critically-reflective feedback on the ePortfolios of at least two (2) other students. pass/revise and resubmit basis
Assignment 3: Presentation and discussion of ePortfolio. Using Adobe Connect, students present the highlights and low points of their capstone ePortfolio. The instructor will ask questions regarding the composition of the ePortfolio, the learning process experienced throughout the program, and the application of the new skills and knowledge (competencies) within the student’s workplace. The presentation/discussion session is limited to one hour and may be attended by other students in the course. pass/revise and resubmit basis

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