Doctor of Education in Distance Education (EDDE) 806

Research Seminar II

Course cover

Delivery Mode: Grouped study with Internet component

Credits: 3 - Core Course

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Candidacy Exam

Availability: Fall, Winter, and Spring

Only students admitted into the doctoral program may take this course.


This Doctoral seminar course is designed to provide informal support and opportunities for presentation and peer review of activities associated with completion of the doctoral dissertation.  Completion of the course is required prior to graduation for all doctoral students. Students may register in the course only after passing the candidacy exam. The course is seminar based and will consist of registered students who are actively working on their dissertation.  Other EdD students may participate in the course as guests on a voluntary basis and are encouraged to do so. The format is real time web conferencing seminars held every two weeks during the fall and winter terms. Besides student presentations, faculty and guest presentations will be scheduled. The seminar is designed to allow participation and build networks among all EdD cohorts and graduates.

Course Goals

  • Gain skills necessary to prepare and present an online synopsis of their research, methodology and results.
  • Gain skills at critical reflection on presented topics.
  • Deepen understanding and knowledge of issues, problems and solutions encountered by other student researchers undertaking thesis research, and;
  • Gain knowledge of methods and results of research presented by experts at Athabasca University and globally.

Course Outline

Students will register in EDDE 806 after successful completion of their doctoral candidacy exam. The course commences on the second Monday in September and runs until the end of the winter term each year. Students who pass the candidacy exam during the fall term (September-December) should commence their studies in EDDE 806 as soon as possible but no later than the beginning of the winter term (second Monday in January).  Students who pass their candidacy exam after January of a given year will register in EDDE 806 in September following.

Web conferencing seminars will be offered every second week (six times in the fall term and six times in the winter term) for a total of twelve seminars during the duration of the course. The course will be coordinated through the tools provided in an EDDE 806 group on the Athabasca Landing.

Doctoral students registered in the program from past or upcoming cohorts are welcomed to attend any of the sessions as guests and encouraged to provide discussion and reflection feedback, but are not required to do so.

Student Assessment

Registered students will be marked on a pass fail basis and will have three requirements:

Activity Weighting
Present a 30-45 minute presentation on their dissertation work and progress and respond to comments and questions. Pass/Fail
Post reactions and reflections on at least six of the presentations, (over one or more semesters) using a response template created by the instructor, to their blog in the Athabasca Landing (tagged with EDDE 806). Pass/Fail
Attend and participate in discussion in at least six sessions over one or two semesters of the course. Pass/Fail

Athabasca University reserves the right to amend course outlines occasionally and without notice. Courses offered by other delivery methods may vary from their individualized-study counterparts.