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Advanced standing and transfer credit - MScIS

Advanced standing

Students may be eligible for advanced standing through evaluation of coursework and experience applicable to the MScIS program completed at other post-secondary institutions. Advanced standing is implemented primarily through exemptions from information systems (IS) foundations courses. Advanced standing is assessed and granted by the admission committee prior to students being admitted in the program.

Exemptions from IS foundations

Flexible entrance requirements are designed to recognize the range of academic credentials held by IT professionals applying to the program.

  • Advanced standing is limited by program residency requirements.
  • Exemptions from IS Foundations are based on appropriate undergraduate or graduate academic credentials supported by relevant professional-level work experience.
  • An applicant may gain exemptions for a maximum of 9 credits (three courses) through this process.

Depending on the upcoming student's credentials, the IS Foundations of the MScIS program may be completed in as few as 3 credits (one course) or may require a maximum of 12 credits (four courses). That is, to meet the MScIS Foundation requirements, a student should complete or get exempted from three of the following courses in addition to the mandatory COMP 601:

COMP 501, COMP 503, COMP 504, COMP 505, and COMP 506.

Transfer credit

Students can apply for transfer of credits on the basis of appropriate graduate-level coursework completed at other post-secondary institutions. These courses should have been completed before joining the program.

Transfer credit is limited by the MScIS program residency requirements. The transferred credits cannot be applied towards foundation courses. The coursework should be less than 7 years old at the time of application to the transfer of credits.

Only graduate-level courses that were successfully completed with a final grade of B- (70 per cent) or higher, will be considered for transfer credit.

Requests for transfer credit should be made after the applicant is admitted to the program. For more information on transfer credit application, visit the Program Application page.

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