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Bachelor of General Studies

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  • Credential: Degree
  • Credits: 90
  • Next Start: Monthly
The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) is one of the most popular programs at Athabasca University, mainly because of its flexibility. There are few restrictions on the specific courses that make up the degree, and no residency requirement. This program provides an ideal pathway for individuals who have taken a variety of courses or completed partial programs of study, but have not completed a degree program. It is also beneficial for diploma-holders who need degree status to meet professional requirements, or those who possess a degree awarded outside of Canada and want to earn a Canadian degree.
  • 39

    Average Age

  • 96%

    Employment Rate

  • $68k

    Average Salary

  • 90%

    Student Recommended

Source: Institutional Data Analysis

Q: Why take the Bachelor of General Studies?

A: The Bachelor General Studies degree program offers an opportunity for you to design a unique curriculum and learning plan to suit your own needs and interests, whether it is to meet career, educational, professional, or personal goals.

Q: How long will it take to complete?

A: Students can complete this program in three years or less of full-time study, depending on the amount of transfer credit awarded, and how quickly the student completes each course. There is no time limit for completing the degree.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is one of the most popular programs at Athabasca University. Unlike the other degrees offered by Athabasca University, the BGS does not have a residency requirement, and courses that make up the degree requirements may be completed at institutions other than Athabasca University.

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) is a multidisciplinary degree program that provides a framework of individualized study within an Arts and Science or Applied Studies designation that offers you the freedom to choose courses to meet your specific goals. While 45 credits must be in your chosen focus area, you can select a wide variety of courses to design a curriculum and program outcomes that meets your specific needs.

Through your chosen program of studies, you will be supported to develop scholarly research and writing skills, learn how to integrate evidence and insights from several disciplinary areas, and achieve the learning outcomes that are meaningful for your desired education.

Because there are so many potential options, we provide help to make sure the BGS meets your career or personal needs. Our counsellors are available to assist you to define your educational, professional, and career goals. Our academic advisors are available to discuss your program plan.

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