Bachelor of Arts Major in French

At a glance

  • Credential: degree
  • Credits: 90 or 120
  • Next start: monthly

Bienvenue! Master the nuances of French language and dive deep into the rich culture and literature of France, Quebec, and other global Francophone regions with our Bachelor of Arts, French Major.

  • 40

    Average age

  • 89%

    Employment rate

  • $65k

    Median income

  • 95%

    Student satisfaction

Source: 2023 AU institutional data and 2022 Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

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About Bachelor of Arts Major in French

Learn how to communicate effectively in both oral and written French as you learn about the literature and culture of France, Quebec, and other Francophone areas. You will:

  • gain a thorough understanding of French pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary
  • read and analyze texts in French
  • write critical essays in French

This online French language degree will also help you develop an awareness of the linguistic and cultural differences between French and English. From honing your pronunciation and grammar skills to developing critical essays in French, this program is designed to give you a well-rounded understanding of both the language and the cultural landscape, setting you apart in an increasingly bilingual world.

Admission requirements

There are no formal admission requirements for either the 3-year or the 4-year program. All you need is to be 16 or older. You can enrol anytime and start right away, regardless of your previous education.

Program details


The Bachelor of Arts strengthens critical and creative thinking through a broad range of social, political, and cultural studies. The program is designed to:

  • broaden your perspective on local and global affairs
  • encourage community and social involvement
  • prepare you for lifelong learning and occupational diversity

Routes and options

Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Arts, French Major is an online degree program, with both a 3-year and a 4-year option. There are no set start dates – you can enrol at any time and register for courses right away.

Bachelor of Arts, French Concentration (3-year online degree)

  • A 3-year degree is a well-respected and marketable credential in Canada and the United States.
  • It does not provide direct access to graduate-level studies.
  • You can extend your 3-year degree to a 4-year degree at a later date, if you wish. Learn more about degree conversion.

Bachelor of Arts, French Major (4-year online degree)

  • A 4-year degree fully prepares students for most graduate programs.
  • The 4-year BA program allows you to pursue either a double major or a minor.
    • Double majors must meet the requirements for both majors, which may restrict course selection or require additional credits above the 120 required for the BA.
    • You should talk to an academic advisor about your program and courses if you’re considering a double major.
    • To earn a minor you must complete 30 credits in that subject area.
  • List of minors:
    • Anthropology
    • Canadian Studies
    • English
    • Global Studies
    • History
    • Humanities
    • Inclusive Education
    • Labour Studies
    • Philosophy
    • Political Economy
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Public Administration
    • Sociology
    • Women's and Gender Studies
Note: AU does not offer an Honours BA.

Completion times

Finish the concentration option in 3 years of full-time study, the major option in 4 years, or work at your own pace and take as long as you need. There is no time limit for completion. The program may be completed faster if transfer credit is applied toward your degree.

How to apply

You can apply to AU online, anytime. Once you’ve completed the online application form and paid the one-time general application fee (and transfer credit evaluation fee, if applicable), you’re officially an AU student and can start registering in courses.

How to enrol in an undergraduate program

Transfer and advanced credit

If you have previous post-secondary education or significant life and work experience that relates to this program, you may be eligible for transfer credit or Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). This could mean fewer courses to get your AU degree.

If you transfer credit, you must complete a minimum of 30 credits at AU.

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Request and send your transcripts if you want us to consider your previous post-secondary education for transfer credit.

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