Student Support at AU

You may be studying independently, but at AU you’re never on your own. At Athabasca University, we’re experts in distance learning and we have the support systems to help you succeed.

Our AU faculty members are leaders in their field of study, researching and developing new ways to deliver their courses online. And your tuition fees include tutorial support to help you make the most of your courses.

When you register for an AU course, academic support will be made available to you. The kind of academic support you will receive depends on which course you take. For example, courses offered by the Faculty of Business use a student support centre model while most other courses use a tutor support model or individualized study model.

One-on-one support: Tutor or individualized model

In the one-on-one model, used by AU's online individualized study courses, each student is paired with a single tutor who provides you with direct academic and administrative support with your coursework. Your tutor will assist with questions you have about the academic content of your course, mark your assignments and exams, and provide you with feedback.

You will receive an e-letter in the student portal with your tutor’s contact information and office hours 1-2 weeks before your course starts. Tutors are available during your course contract period, and we encourage you to maintain regular contact throughout your course.

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Student Support Centre model

If you’re taking course from the Faculty of Business or Faculty of Science, you will have access to the Student Support Centre model. Your first point of contact will be with an undergraduate student advisor, who will assess your needs, answer your questions when appropriate, and refer you to an academic expert when necessary. Students request help through the Student Support Centre, and their request is directed to the appropriate available person.

Counselling services

You’re not the only one who is taking this career path. Counselling services provides direction and support for both prospective and current students choosing to pursue university studies and are looking for some guidance.

How can a counsellor assist?

Counsellors can assist you in clarifying your career direction and appropriate program choices. Whatever your goal, making an informed choice at the start can help you avoid unnecessary stress.

To make an appointment with a counsellor, use our online appointment form.

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Academic Advisors

Our academic advisors can help you with course selection and will help you make sure you meet your program requirements. They also provide information about university regulations and procedures, and assist with the interpretation of your transfer credit evaluation.

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Other academic supports

We also have several resources to help you choose and complete your courses, or to help you with study skills and exam anxiety.

These include:

  • The AU library for information and guidance
  • E-lab for tools and resources
  • The write site to help develop writing skills
  • The math site to help transition into university-level courses

The Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research is responsible for the administrative and academic needs of Indigenous(Inuit, First Nations and Metis) students. Our commitment is to give assistance to Aboriginal/Indigenous students where help may be needed.

Financial support

We understand that post-secondary education requires a substantial financial commitment. Athabasca University has many financial support options available to help out.

If you’re a student with a disability, our Accessibility Services staff can help you apply or find other solutions to meet your needs.

Looking for other alternatives? Learn more about the different financing options available.

Who can apply for financial support?

Both full-time and part-time students can apply for financial support. Some non-program students may also be eligible.

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