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You can begin your graduate program application whenever you're ready. The application process involves multiple steps. Many programs have specific application deadlines and follow a set schedule for intakes.

Graduate programs and courses are advanced studies and usually require an undergraduate degree for admission. Doctoral degrees, post-master's certificates and diplomas require a master's degree for admission.

After accepting your offer of admission, you can begin registering for your courses. Remember that most programs require you to pay an admission fee once accepted.

Enrolling in graduate studies

Athabasca University's graduate student application processes vary from program to program. Read the general application process outlined below to get started. Then, find your specific program to learn about its unique requirements and procedures.

Application deadlines

Graduate programs have set intake dates. Missing an application deadline means waiting for the next intake period. This could be up to a year for certain graduate programs.

Make sure to carefully review the information provided for your program so that you can fulfill all the admission requirements in time for your application deadline.

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To get started:

  1. Request approval to start an application (if required for that program).
  2. Complete the Graduate Application Form and pay the non-refundable application fee. If you are applying to a business graduate program, follow this link.
    1. If you have ever been an AU student in the past, log in to complete the application using your existing student ID number.
    2. If you are a new AU student, write down or save your student ID number at the end of the application process. Your ID number will also appear on your printed or emailed receipt if you choose one of those options.
  3. Submit a program-specific application form (available as part of the application or on the program website).
  4. If necessary, arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly from post-secondary institutions you have previously attended.
  5. Gather and complete other materials required by the program you are applying to. These could include a resumé, a biography, questionnaires, or reference letters.
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Taking graduate courses as an open studies student

To enrol in graduate-level courses, you must meet certain requirements, such as an undergraduate degree. However, you don't have to be enrolled in a graduate program at Athabasca University to take our graduate courses.

You can take a few courses as an open studies student in many programs. Each program has a limit on the number of courses you can take and a unique application process.

Any courses you complete as an open studies student may be applied to your graduate program when you decide to become a program student.

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Graduate students enrolled at another school

If you're currently studying at another university and wish to take an AU course to fulfill a requirement in your program, you will also need to register as an open studies student. We recommend getting a letter of permission from your school to ensure that the credits you earn at AU will transfer to your program. This letter is for your reference and does not need to be sent to AU.

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