Leadership Development (LRKM) 575

Risk Management

Delivery Mode: Online

Credits: 1

Prerequisites: None

Faculty: Faculty of Business

Program: Leadership and Management Development

Course Overview

In this course, learners consider potential sources of risk and where failure might occur, and explore how to prevent those failures from occurring, how to minimize negative consequences ( risk mitigation) and how to recover from failures when they do occur. Learners will consider management principles for risk management such as taking a high level, forward-looking organizational view, ensuring open communications, and taking an integrated management approach that encourages continuous improvement, shared vision, and teamwork. Learners will discuss potential sources of failure such as supply, human resources, technology, products, customers, the environment, and e-security. They will consider ways to prevent failure such as building in redundancy, fail-safe and maintenance aspects. Methods to mitigate risk through planning, economics, containment (spatial and temporal), reducing losses and substitution are also considered. Learners will be asked to develop a risk prevention strategy using the ‘discover, act, learn and plan’ approach to productivity program planning.

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