What's it like to be an AU student?

As an AU student, your student experience will be unlike that of students at traditional universities. You will probably take most or all of your courses online and through distance education, so the challenges and joys you will experience will be different. Here is an orientation to university-level study through AU.

Explore our student services, see how our tutors can help you learn, and figure out ways to pay for school through financial aid and student awards. See how you can use your existing experience to get credit towards a degree or certificate with PLAR. Access the undergraduate student handbook for quick reference and general information about AU, course instructional methods, and services.

And when you're ready to become an AU student, the Starter Kit will point you in the right direction.

AU Students' Union (AUSU)

Visit the AUSU website to learn about the services that AUSU provides for our undergraduate students.

AU Graduate Students' Association

AUSUVisit the AUGSA website to learn about the services that AUGSA provides for our graduate students.


Updated August 05 2015