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What you need to know about Athabasca University exams

By: AU Staff

This high-level overview of how Athabasca University exams work will help you book and complete your exam with minimal stress

How do exams work at Athabasca University, which has no classrooms, lecture theatres, or study halls? 

Taking an exam at AU is different than most other universities. For most undergraduate courses and programs, you can take your mid-term or final exam whenever is convenient for you. This means you won’t have a fixed date for your invigilated exams!  

The only requirements are that you write your exam within your course contract, and that you write your exam with an invigilator—somebody who supervises your exam to ensure academic integrity. 

Exam options at Athabasca University

There are two ways for you to complete the invigilated exam requirements for most AU courses: 

  1. In-person invigilation with any invigilators who are part of the Canada-wide Athabasca University exam invigilation network. Approved invigilators include schools, libraries, post-secondary institutions, and other organizations. 
  2. Online invigilation through AU’s partner, ProctorU. Students can register with ProctorU to write their exams remotely, provided they can meet some basic requirements including a reliable internet connection and a quiet space in which to write the exam. 

You will be responsible for paying any fees associated with exam invigilation for your AU exams. Fees will vary, depending on the invigilator you choose. 

In-person exam invigilation 

You can take invigilated exams with any in-person invigilator that is approved by AU as part of the Canada-wide Athabasca University exam invigilation network. 

If you live within 40 kilometres of an approved AU examination centre, and choose in-person invigilation, you must write your examination(s) at one of the centres. You do not need to use the nearest centre; you can choose any centre in the network that meets your needs. 

If you live outside Canada, or more than 40 km from an approved invigilation centre, contact the Examination Services team in the Office of the Registrar to see if there is an approved invigilator in your area. Email the Exam Unit with the following information: 

  • Name 
  • Student ID number 
  • Name of the city/town/country where you live 

Learn more about in-person invigilation options for AU exams. 

Online exam invigilation

AU partners with ProctorU to offer you the opportunity to write your online exams from the comfort of your home, 24/7. 

An online invigilator will connect to your computer remotely through a secure platform, and invigilate your exam using your computer’s camera and microphone. You will need a quiet, distraction-free place in your home to take the exam. You will also need computer equipment that meets ProctorU’s requirements. 

You must create an account with ProctorU before booking your exam.

Learn more about ProctorU’s requirements for test takers. 

Booking your exam

Once you have determined you’re ready to take your exam, and determined which invigilator you will use, booking your exam with AU is a two-step process.

  1. You must book your exam with your chosen AU-approved invigilator at least 10 days before the date you want to write your exam.
  2. Once your appointment with your invigilator is confirmed, request your exam through myAU. If you can’t complete your exam request using the online form, a PDF exam request form is also available. 

Find more details about requesting your exam in the AU Calendar. 

Accessibility Services

Students registered with AU’s Accessibility Services team may be eligible for exam accommodations, allowing all students an equitable opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of course content. 

This could include things like extra time to write, alternate exam formats, physical aides, literacy tools, and exam structure/delivery. 

Learn more about exam accommodations available through Accessibility Services. 

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