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Open your options with flexible learning

By: AU Staff

Graduates find success thanks to a more flexible, accessible learning experience at Athabasca University

Athabasca University (AU) graduates are making a difference in their careers and communities across Canada and beyond.

Students turn to AU because they need a more flexible, affordable, accessible, and customized university experience. You shouldn’t have to turn your life around to pursue a university education. Thanks to AU’s online, self-paced delivery model, you don’t have to.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the stories of real graduates who found success in business, health care, education, and more thanks to AU.

Flexible online MBA allows nurse to grow as health-care leader

Registered nurse Leanne Bulmer chose Athabasca University so she could continue working and start a family. Today, Bulmer is a mom of 2 and working in health-care leadership.

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Online MBA makes it possible to balance career, school, and family

Laurie Wang had a successful career and a busy household with 3 young children but wanted to pursue another degree. Thanks to an online MBA from AU, Wang is helping Albertans access critical legal services through Legal Aid Alberta.

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Counsellor completes master’s from rural Manitoba

Cara Zaharychuk always wanted to go back to school to advance her education and career, but uprooting her family from their home in rural Manitoba was a non-starter. Thanks to AU’s flexible and accessible course delivery, she was able to learn at a distance, including while travelling.

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Commerce grad proves it’s never too late to turn life around

Calgarian Kira Steele spent years battling drug and alcohol addiction before finding sobriety. Only AU provided the flexibility she needed to pursue a university education. Now, she’s now working to help others find community through sobriety.

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  • November 9, 2023
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